Stuck on what to get your loved ones this holiday season? The team at Clovr Studios can help! Okay, sure. We might be a bit biased on this one, but who wouldn’t love an Oculus Rift and a few of the best virtual games around under the tree this year?

Technology always tops the lists of what to get people for Christmas, but we truly believe that virtual reality and augmented reality are the next big thing in gaming. While the console brands continue to duke it out and fight over who has the most powerful specs and hardware, there will be plenty of apps for VR devices that are blowing minds.

Try Something New

We’ll be honest–the main consoles will probably always have a share of the market. It’s why a 36 year old plumber is still at the top of the sales charts in what is arguably one of his best games yet (and one of the best games of the year). Other popular franchises probably aren’t going anywhere as we continue to see sequel after sequel.

All of that is perfectly fine. Those games and consoles will likely always hold a special place in the hearts of gamers. But the best VR apps are going to offer something that’s completely different. The technology present in these new devices is, to put it simply, going to be blowing minds for quite some time.

Let Them Unwrap Something Truly Special

With new VR apps coming out on a regular basis, there’s already plenty to try. Exploring a virtual environment is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in even the best of games. As we said before, we believe that the two can coexist peacefully, but that doesn’t change the fact that VR and AR provide an experience that’s completely and totally unique.

Grab an Oculus Rift for the loved one on your list and load it up with a couple of games. We make a pretty darned good one called Apollo Slots VR, but there are plenty of great apps for VR that ought to suit the bill as well. Chances are that you’re fully aware of what your loved one likes, so take advantage of the current sale on and get Unearthing Mars, Zombie Riot, Lone Echo, or one of their packs that contain a number of games a discounted rate.

Apollo Slots is Sure to Be the Highlight

Regardless of which Oculus games you choose, Apollo Slots VR is sure to be a highlight. With the ability to play anytime and anywhere–even offline–the recipient of your gift is sure to love our fast-paced Vegas style slots game. It’s the perfect way to kick back at the end of a long day.

Chances are that the person you’re giving such a wonderful gift to will also let you play a little bit yourself. That means that it’s the gift that keeps on giving! It’s a win/win situation all around. So from the Clovr Studios family to your family, we’d like to wish you a happy holiday season!