There are many reasons to be excited about virtual reality and VR systems like the Oculus, especially with all of the virtual reality applications in the Oculus gear VR store, but what gets us especially excited here at Clovr Studios is the potential that VR has to change the world as we know it for the better.

VR As A Medium

The primary thing that makes us so excited about the future of VR is that it is finally being recognized as a medium instead of a toy. While you can use your Oculus to play fun games like Apollo Slots, you will also soon be able to watch the news or documentaries, as major media companies are looking into producing virtual reality applications of their standard content.

VR Is Going Social

Virtual reality in the past has been scrutinized for creating fake worlds so that people can leave the real world, but virtual reality companies like Oculus are challenging the stereotype of VR by creating social communities, with both avatars and rooms so that people may still communicate in a more personal way. Social integration in VR also makes it possible for you to play popular games like Apollo Slots with your friends. Challenge them on the leaderboards, and see who would be the better hand in Las Vegas.

VR Can Help Solve Modern Problems

Due to the immersive qualities and capabilities of virtual reality, people with issues like PTSD and phobias are being provided with alternative treatments. With VR patients can be treated with exposure therapy at the discretion of their medical professional. Virtual reality can also be used for training purposes, with immersive qualities making it more effective than the typical video training course.

Large Corporations Want More VR

In 2014, Oculus was purchased by Facebook, proving the investment that large media conglomerates are willing to go to have a piece of the virtual reality pie. It has also been conceptualized that VR can take away the need for business trips, with the technology acting as an augmented meeting platform.

Our Excitement Stems From User Experience

At Clovr Studios we are excited about virtual reality because we have seen its true potential, as many people are now starting to do. That is why we worked hard to bring you Apollo Slots, the premier virtual reality Vegas-style slots game, and why we are currently working hard to bring you more virtual reality applications for VR.  

While you wait for our next game you should sit back, relax and play Apollo Slots or download it from the Oculus gear  VR store and see if you have what it takes to beat our Vegas-style slot machines. And if you can, don’t hesitate to brag about it. Challenge your friends on the leaderboard and earn achievements to level up. If you have any questions about Apollo Slots or Clovr Studios, please contact us. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for our new VR apps!

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